My research interests lie at the boundary of physics and engineering.
In our Lab, we study fundamental physical aspects of wave propagation in complex media and scenarios, and explore engineering applications to communications and sensing.
We are especially interested in metamaterials, aperiodic order, ray chaos, and gravitational interferometry.

More details on current and past projects are available in the Research section of the Lab website.

Recent Publications

More Publications

(2020). Effects of deterministic disorder at deeply subwavelength scales in multilayered dielectric metamaterials. Optics Express.


(2020). Harnessing spectral singularities in non-Hermitian cylindrical structures. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation.


(2019). Breaking reciprocity with space-time-coding digital metasurfaces. Advanced Materials.


(2019). Evaluation of fiber-optic phase-gradient meta-tips for sensing applications. Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology.


(2018). Aperiodic order induced enhancement of weak nonlocality in multilayered dielectric metamaterials. Physical Review B.



I am teaching the following classes at the University of Sannio (academic year 2018-2019):

Info on previously taught classes can be found in the online guide.