About me

I am an Associate Professor of Electromagnetics at the University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy, where I lead the Fields & Waves Lab. I have held several visiting positions at abroad research institutions, including the European Space Research and Technology Centre, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and California Institute of Technology.
I have co-authored more than 300 papers in international journals (including Science and Nature) and conferences, with over 5500 citations to date. I am a Fellow of the IEEE and of Optica, a member of the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the American Physical Society, and am currently serving as an Associate Editor of Optics Express. I am also the co-founder of MANTID srl, a spinoff company of the University of Sannio.
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  • Optics and photonics
  • Metamaterials
  • Antennas and propagation
  • Gravitational interferometry
  • PhD in Applied Electromagnetics, 1999

    University of Salerno

  • Laurea in Electrical Engineering, 1995

    University of Salerno


My research interests lie at the boundary of physics and engineering.
In our Lab, we study fundamental physical aspects of wave propagation in complex media and scenarios, and explore engineering applications to communications and sensing.
We are especially interested in metamaterials, aperiodic order, ray chaos, and gravitational interferometry.

More details on current and past projects are available in the Research section of the Lab website.

Recent Publications

(2021). Exploiting space-time duality in the synthesis of impedance transformers via temporal metamaterials. Nanophotonics.

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(2021). Synthesizing quasi-bound states in the continuum in epsilon-near-zero layered materials. Applied Physics Letters.

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(2021). Simultaneous conversion of polarization and frequency via time-division-multiplexing metasurfaces. Advanced Optical Materials.

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(2021). Non-Hermitian line waves. International Congress on Engineered Material Platforms for Novel Wave Phenomena (METAMATERIALS).


(2021). Recent advances in space-time coding digital metasurfaces. VI International Conference on Metamaterials and Nanophotonics (MetaNano 2021).



I am teaching the following classes at the University of Sannio (academic year 2020-2021):

Info on previously taught classes can be found in the online guide.